Introducing OneQuantum South Africa and its Launch

Hello Everyone,

It is my pleasure to introduce you to South Africa’s very own quantum tech community OneQuantum South Africa.

OneQuantum South Africa is a subchapter of OneQuantum Africa, a chapter of OneQuantum - the global quantum tech community that brings everyone interested and active in quantum a platform to collaborate, learn and exchange.

Our parent chapter, OneQuantum Africa, is a not-for-profit organization registered in South Africa and has successfully built the Africa quantum community guided by four pillars: communities, mentoring, careers, and projects. See KPIs from the recent First Quantum in Africa Summit here.

Quantum technologies promise far-reaching impact, and it is essential for anyone active or interested, no matter their background, skills, origin, gender, race, or goal, to get involved and contribute without limits.

With initiatives around the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) happening in the country it is important now more than ever that quantum technologies be embedded in the discussions and initiatives that bring technological innovations.

South Africa has a strong footprint on research work done in quantum technology from quantum sensing to quantum metrology. A number of research groups in the country have been leading in furthering and envisaging quantum technologies. It is OneQuantum South Africa’s mission to create a local ecosystem of quantum tech developers, bringing all the researchers together without any research institute dominating.

OneQuantum South Africa is also a platform that brings together industry leaders, research leaders and governmental representatives in quantum to share their work with the South African public and the global community. In the chapter’s bi-monthly webinars we will be introducing several local players in quantum, discussing their current efforts and challenges in furthering quantum work locally and globally.

On the 28th of July 2021 we will be launching the chapter under the OneQuantum Africa umbrella. Please do join us. Details will be shared closer to the event.

I call the South African community to come together under the OneQuantum South Africa effort and help move quantum forward.

Our vision is to build a strong local community that will connect to the global quantum ecosystem.

If you want to volunteer or partner, please reach out to me with your goals at

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Phumzile Madonsela| President | OneQuantum South Africa

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